Pest Control Treatment

Pests can easily get out of hand, get on top of it with the BUTLER cleaning co affordable pest control services!

Pest Control


Pests in the home or in a commercial setting can lead to disease and destruction. the BUTLER cleaning co provides friendly and professional pest control services to the Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba and Ipswich regions.

If you’re needing help controlling cockroaches, ants, rodents or other creepy crawlies, the BUTLER cleaning co are on hand to assist. If you are moving house, we can also provide end of lease treatments.  the BUTLER cleaning co are fully insured, licensed and qualified in Pest Management. You will know what to expect for your pest control treatment as we explain the process and our plan of action to eradicate pests from your home, business or school.

Why is an annual Pest Management program recommended? It is better to be on the offensive rather than the defensive. All pests need the same basic things that we need – food, water and shelter. If you provide these things for them without keeping them under control you will quickly have an infestation.  A regular Pest Management program for your home, business or school will mean that you don’t allow these pests to cause damage to your property or to the health of your loved ones and customers. 


Why Are Cockroaches Considered Pests?


  1. They may contaminate food, utensils and surfaces with their droppings, cast skins, empty egg cases & vomit
  2. They are an annoyance and create fear – many people find the presence of cockroaches abhorrent 
  3. Odour due to secretions from the mouth & cuticle. Odour can develop when there is a substantial infestation 
  4. Allergic reactions have been caused due to ingesting foods that have been contaminated with faeces or inhaled when dried faeces become part of household dust. 
  5. Disease transmission – cockroaches often find their home in environments that support the growth of organisms causing diseases harmful to humans and then they carry this disease onto surfaces that we prepare food on and utensils we use to cook with.

the BUTLER cleaning co have a wide range of services for ‘general’ pests such as fleas, spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice and ants.

Ask about our great discounted package rates when you book in for carpet cleaning and pest control together!

Use pest control services to deter spiders away from house the BUTLER cleaning co gatton lockyer valley